Fine Art in Quarantine?

Stay at home orders have caused people to cease from frequently pretty much all public spaces. Although maybe not something at the forefront of most people’s minds as being affected by lack of visitation, museums have lost their crowds of visitors. Even so, as I found on a PBS’s website through a PBS News Hour article, some people have begun connecting with famous works of art in a unique way. Supposedly beginning with a Dutch instagram account, Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine, people have been participating in a sort of fine art challenge trend. As disseminated by the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the challenge was simply to recreate a work of art yourself with items around you. Participa

Stay Sane in Quarantine with Escapril

With all of us having to socially distance in our own homes these days, there’s very little structure to our daily lives. I no longer have classes to walk to, a bus to catch every day, or meetings to attend that cannot be attended on my laptop for the comfort of my bed. For someone like me, who’s struggled a lot with ADHD and thrives with a structured schedule, that’s a massive change for my brain to deal with. I’ve been having some trouble keeping track of time while in quarantine - oftentimes, I forget what day of the week it is. I decided I needed something at least somewhat structural to combat this; something that would stimulate my mind and get my creative juices flowing. Conveniently,

Quarantine Boredom - Painting My Nintendo DS

Recently, in an effort to stay entertained through my lectures that somehow seem to last longer and longer as the weeks go by, I’ve picked back up things that haven’t been used in a long time. One of these items that has seen a lot more interaction is my old Nintendo DS. In the face of being subjected to yet another hour and fifteen minute lecture on residential construction technologies (why did I choose my major again?) I realized that I could pass the time re-beating Mario Kart. (Side note: the ability to turn your camera off during a Zoom meeting is by far the absolute best feature that can be exploited during lectures.) Although I was very entertained by breaking out this old handheld v

A Poetry Series - A Certain Kind

The love he gives me is the kind of love I hope everyone has the privilege of knowing at least once in their life. That kind of love— how he asks me to send him old photos from before I met him because “I want to see everything I missed.” A Sunday kind of love, the type Etta James curls her voice to—classic, soulful, the variety that was still in vogue when our grandparents were high schoolers sharing milkshakes under the flickering neon sign of the local diner. And even before that, when lovers were torn from each other’s arms by raging war. His love reveals itself in purple orchid petals collecting on my windowsill, surprise letters tucked inside white mailing envelopes, walking me home de

Quarantine Edition: Getting Crafty

The continuation of life in quarantine has led me to begin many different crafting projects. I began with making friendship bracelets, and then my roommate taught me to knit. Working on a small project with a movie or tv show playing in the background is sort of a mindless and relaxing way for me to spend the long evening hours in my apartment. Recently, on the hunt for a new creative project, my roommate and I looked up macrame wall hanging designs in an effort to find one that we could weave for our own apartment wall. After searching the internet for a little bit, we found a design that we liked and we ordered the necessary supplies, a wooden dowel and cotton cord, from Micheal's (specify

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