A Timeless Message

One of the most powerful compositions in recent years comes from one of the most influential movies of the modern era - The Greatest Showman. With the song “This Is Me,” producers discovered their anthem for the film; while audiences found themselves moved by the Bearded Lady’s message about self-acceptance. From the first line claiming “I am not a stranger to the dark,” she brings focus to the fear and oppression she has faced. This struggle is a topic of relatability for not just the characters in the movie but also the public at large. In this way, her honesty is what appeals most to the listeners. The layering of notes and build of the song are also worthy of noting because they supply a

Painting Our Stresses Away

It’s interesting because I come from a family full of creatives; my mom was pursuing opening her own bakery because she loved the expression she had when decorating cakes or pies and my dad was, and is, an incredible chef because he loves the joy that comes from creating new recipes. Now, here I am, absolutely in love with all things involving any form of creative expression. Saturday night, my friends and I decided to have a paint night. We decorated my apartment with all things Christmas (yes, I know a bit early) and on the big screen, we decided to put a Christmas carol music station. We bought 10 canvases, had an assortment of different colored paints and different sized brushes and for

Weight of Words

Language forms the basis of society, and it is for this reason that it should never be regarded lightly; words carry weight. An “I Love You” is perhaps one of the hardest phrases to be said. It’s only three words, yet within them, there is a power that holds the potential to connect people for a lifetime; not to mention, they provide the perfect ending for every Hallmark movie. Additionally, the way that someone chooses to yield the words that they possess can make the difference between a bridge and a barrier. With an open dialogue between the United States and the USSR, the high-stress times of the Cold War came to an end and with it the wall dividing a nation was destroyed. By taking con

Who Will I Be This year?

It's that time of year again when we get to feel like children for a little bit. The excitement and the creativity gets to take over every year in October and specifically on Halloween. As a child, it was more of asking yourself if you could be anything what would you be? As a little girl I would respond with a princess, a fairy, a witch or something of the mystical realm; while I remember my older brother would always want to be a superhero, a goblin, a power ranger or anything fun he could think of. Now, as adults, Halloween is more of a creative season, at least for me. Every year I sit down with a pair of scissors and some paint try to decide what I will make that year. It's a time where

The Album That Changed My Life: American Teen

Compared to the rest of my peers, I was a little late to the game discovering Khalid. Of course, I’d heard the popular “Young Dumb and Broke” as it took over the radio my senior year of high school, but I’m the kind of person who tends to like individual songs rather than the whole album, and I was never really inclined to click on the singer’s name and dive into his other content. It wasn’t until I mentioned this to my roommate freshman year of college, and she gushed about a few of his other songs with such passion that I decided to give it a try. I found American Teen at a really big threshold in my life. I was starting college in a new place where I knew almost no one, and while I couldn

A Creative Outlet: The ARTS

At a university known for its engineering program, the arts on campus can seem to fade into the background. Perhaps not the object of most students’ studies, the arts can seem to be far from the central theme of Virginia Tech campus life. Where is the connection to the right side of the brain when there is such a focus on STEM? Among students who are striving to achieve professional careers with six-figure salaries in a realm full of technical problems and solutions, there is bound to exist a certain unfamiliarity regarding open, strictly creative pursuits that lack a quantifiable function. Whether this is due to a certain stigma of uselessness or purposelessness surrounding the arts, or sim

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