The Most Fashionable Season

If you’ve ever gone trick-or-treating, then chances are you’ve seen a couple Disney Princesses roaming around. I’ll shamelessly admit, I was one of those bedazzled individuals. In fact, as my family photo album as my witness, I was perhaps the Disney store’s most favorite customer. I had the dress, the tiara, and of course, the shoes to match. Just like the next little girl, my younger self was bursting with excitement on Halloween night when I got to become my favorite princess. If you think about it, Halloween night is perhaps one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Everyone looks forward to seeing how you pulled yourself together and what costume you chose. You get to express yours

A Safe Space - My Journal

Every year I tell myself I’m going to start a journal and honestly, it never happens; until this year. For the first time in about six years of trying to get down the discipline to actually write down my thoughts and feelings, I finally started to do it. It has become one of the greatest parts of my daily routine, almost an escape. I sit down and write how I’m feeling, my goals for the day and sometimes I end up doodling. You’d be surprised how lost you can get in writing, one word, two, three, seven. It goes on and on until I look at the clock and suddenly, I’m running late for class. There are days when it slips my mind to journal in the morning, so it becomes part of my evening. Although

What Dancing for 15 Years Taught Me About Life

I still remember it clearly. Pastel tutus sparkling under stage lights, hairsprayed buns held together by bobby pins and fingers crossed in prayer. My heart would race as I took position in the wings, securing my pointe shoe ribbons, stepping into the box of rosin so that I wouldn’t slip on the wooden floor. I shook the nerves from my limbs and made sure to run through the steps in my head, trying to tap into the part of my body where muscle memory is stored. Grace, I would say to myself. Remember to perform with grace. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I danced, quite intensely, for over 15 years prior to college. Yes, that means I started at the age of three, barely old enou

The Musical Impact

Whether sitting on the floor of my room and staring at the white paint on the wall while listening to a catchy folk song or singing out loud to throwback pop songs in the steam of a scalding hot shower, music influences and affects me. Through the ups and downs of college life, I’ve found myself listening to many different genres of music. Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed with all that’s going on around me, I amplify my emotions with a somber playlist and sink into the melancholic tunes that mirror my day. Other times, I’ll pick myself up with hopeful and uplifting gospel music from my “Jesus Jams” playlist. Every now and then, I’ll come across a song that I find particularly moving, or that h

Discovering The Designer Deep Within

At age ten, I decided that I wanted to become the next HGTV design star. Flash forward eight years, I have come to terms with the fact that I lack the creative insight required for the job. That said, I still have not wavered in my passion to decorate spaces and make every room feel like a home. Perhaps the most challenging project I have been given, to date, is my dorm room. As I am sure all campus residents of the past and present are familiar with, the off-white walls and old wooden furniture are very difficult templates to work with. Even more, making these components unique to the resident’s personality and style is an additional challenge that every freshman faces. To prepare myself f


It's October, which means that it is the beginning of InkTober. InkTober is a month long art challenge that allows for artist to produce creative works and improve drawing skills throughout the month of October. The challenge was created by Jake Parker and any artist is encouraged to participate and post their works online. You don’t have to be a high class artist to participate, you can just do it for fun. I am a part of the Studio 72 Living Learning Community, which is an LLC for anyone interested in art. Studio 72 allows for open creativity for students and any art they want to produce. Here are some of the works to celebrate. Day 1: Ring Done by James Kiscaden Done by Ishraqobamaniqua Qu

A Feature on Food Waste: The Terrors of Dating

Taking a few minutes out of your day to read the prose piece Food Waste, featured in the most recent edition of the Silhouette, will surely not be a waste of your time. It’s not your typical getting-ready-for-a-first-date story, and I think that’s what makes it so relatable. Any story that begins with the dialogue “Shit,” has got to be leading somewhere promising, right? You really begin to feel for this girl as she’s trying to stop her leg from bleeding from a shaving cut, while debating what’s the easiest way to not get blood on her carpet. I never would have thought about writing something like that—but the details add a realistic flair that can sometimes be hard to find in prose. The gen

Zhong Biao: Finding Beauty in Chaos

Now a quarter of the way through the semester, it seems a routine has begun to manifest itself in the daily attendance (or skipping) of classes and in anxious attempts to complete assignments, causing chaos to emerge in the rush of over-commitment. Thinking of all the craziness that makes up my day-to-day in the throes of early fall, a particular artist comes to mind: Zhong Biao. Through art and the open door of creativity, symbols and pictures of everyday reality, either experienced inwardly or outwardly, can be clearly described and put on display. The work of Zhong Biao conveys truths related to the tensions found in everyday life and his pieces display the chaos and conflict common to th

Let the Rhythm Takeover

It’s very intriguing the way students on our campus choose to express their creativity; it’s so different and unique. Some choose the more recognized forms of visual arts including painting, drawing, sculpture or photography. I see it all around campus or in my friend’s apartments, either they’re amateur artists and want to just express themselves in whichever form they desire or it’s something they choose to invest a lot of their time in. I have seen those who love architecture unleash their creative slide through woodworking and make hand-crafted lamps, magnetic bottle openers, tables and bed frames. I have seen people who have found a love for dance, move their body harmoniously to music

The Rise of the Webcomic: Toons in the Digital Age

As the 20th century picked up speed, comic books were an integral part of the pop culture all across America. Kids would pick up the latest edition of their favorite character’s story the way adults bought the daily newspaper, eagerly collecting volumes and swapping stories. However, nowadays comic book shops are few and far between. Graphic novels only take up a single shelf at your local Barnes and Noble, and reading superhero comics is viewed as more of a nerdy niche hobby than a staple of pop culture. Is it too late for the comic, you might wonder? Will the art of collaboration between writers and artists die out as we speed further into the digital age? Maybe not just yet. Enter: the we

Songs of the Summer: A Peek Into My September Spotify Playlist

For every month of the year, I make a music playlist. It’s an ongoing project, a way of capturing the particulars and preserving exactly how I felt during a given season of my life. Some people save movie ticket stubs to tape inside scrapbook pages, others are always ready with a camera and a sharp eye. It’s amazing what you can store in a metaphorical time capsule, whatever yours may be. Mine has always been music. It’s such transcendent magic, having the power to resurrect particular places and people. Occasionally I’ll listen to an older playlist, let’s say, from August 2018, and all of a sudden I’m a nervous freshman again, standing outside of Main Campbell Hall, wondering how I was poss

The Most Unique Closet You’ll Ever Step Into

It had been a long day of walking the streets of Philadelphia and my friends and I wanted to be indoors away from the heat wave. So, we stumbled into a museum dedicated to American Jewish heritage and figured it was the most convenient location to cool down. As we made our way to the third floor, we saw a steady stream of people moving towards the back of the floor. No one wanted to go back outside in the heat. Instead we followed everyone else and entered a room where we only saw an orange wall. It was strange; there were shoes, frames, books, random articles of clothing, purses, pictures, and on and on hanging on the walls. Yet, we couldn’t piece together who she was. Who was Sara Berman?

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