The Sun is Shining and I'm Feeling Alive!

Photo courtesy: Virginia Tech Magazine Well, well, well. Would you look who decided to show back up? The time change has brought the sun closer to us for longer portions of the day. I'm not even going to attempt to hide my excitement. Like many others, I fall victim to the seasonal depression that comes with winter. Here are some of the benefits of sunlight to encourage you to spend a little bit more time soaking up this gem-in-the-sky. Healing Skin Conditions If you're one of the less-lucky (me) that still has a little acne in college, I couldn't encourage you enough to spend some time in the sun. Though too much sun exposure can lead to serious health issues, UV exposure can treat acne and

Do College Students Follow YouTubers?

For the past few months, I have been religiously watching YouTubers like David Dobrik (the literal love of my life), each of the vlog squad's videos, Emma Chamberlin, Olivia Jade, Josh Peck, the Dolan Twins, and the ACE Family. It started with David; I watched his 525th video and have been hooked ever since. His videos are 4 minutes and 20 seconds of extreme entertainment. He does a great job of editing his content and always having unique vlogs. All of the other members of vlog squad, I think, are absolutely hilarious and watching their videos makes me want to be their friends so bad. Emma Chamberlin is my fashion inspiration and the hipster I aspire to be. Her edits are even funnier than D

That Ratatouille Scene

So the scene where the food critic eats ratatouille and remembers his mom's cooking is a great scene. It captures my feelings on cooking perfectly. I've been learning to cook ever since I moved out of a dorm into an apartment. I watch cooking videos and chef interviews and Gordan Ramsay yelling at people. Some of the recipes I see, I actually bother to cook with mixed results. I'm far from even a decent cook, but I've learned a lot from the few successes and many failures. As I speculate the finality of my ability, I wonder what kind of attitude I might have. I could just be okay or I could maybe become even something gourmet. I don't particularity have a desire to cook gourmet, however nor

Denver and Kayla, Sitting in a Tree

For my last ever Spring Break, I decided to travel to Denver, Colorado, to explore the city and to decide if Colorado is a place I’d like to live. Over the course of the week, I fell in love with a beautiful landscape and a variety of surrounding cities and towns. Photo courtesy: Kayla Reeves Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the United States. Before being dropped off at the airport, we were well-warned about the sights and feelings that would overwhelm us upon arrival. No, not just altitude sickness, either. For me, this was the first experience outside of the eastern United States. I had already decided that Washington, D.C., was the place that I would live after

Visiting Authors This Week

This week Virginia Tech students have the opportunity to attend poetry readings and sit in on author presentations right on campus! Monday We have both Laura Eve Engel and Rebecca Morgan Frank reading their poetry in Shanks 370/380 at 4:00 pm. Laura Eve Engel recently published her book, Things That Go, in December. This novella is a collection of poems that implore the idea of an ever changing society, and that while we may adapt and advance, as people we still face timeless, internal crises. She has penned a number of other poems as well, and is also a musician that can be caught at various venues around Virginia. Rebecca Morgan Frank is native to Charlottesville, Virginia. She has publish

What Your Therapist Would Say

Society has taught us that to a great extent, mental health should be put on the back burner. Depression is not a table talk conversation. Anxiety is often regarded as weakness. Yet mental health is a factor that drives every single human, and most struggle with it at some point in their life. Take Control. List three things in your environment that you can see, two you can touch, and one you can smell or taste. It may seem silly, but one of the most difficult realizations we have as human is that we cannot control everything that happens to us. Doing little things like realizing details about the environment, and the effect it has on you can so much to help you regain a sense of control. Ma

Want to Land that Job?

I recently had my first “adult job” interview. Sitting in the parking lot of the corporate headquarters of my dream company, I thought to myself, “I wish someone could tell me how to do this.” So, here are a few things to know about what a job interview is REALLY like... Photo courtesy: BrandedResumes They are not looking to scare you. Through your own hard work and experiences, you landed a job interview. That’s huge! This is step one, though it may seem like a huge mountain to overcome. It’s important to remember that the company saw something in you, but the interviewer is not to blame if every question doesn’t go as planned. The goal of the initial interview is to find out more about how


In my Women and Crime class, we watched the movie Precious, which is based on the book Push by Sapphire. If you have not yet watched this movie, you are missing out. It is extremely well made, produced by Lee Daniels, and well written. The acting was also phenomenal; the whole film was moving. It tells the story of a girl, Precious, in Harlem, NY who is 16, and is pregnant with her second child by her father. Precious is illiterate and kicked out of her school due to her pregnancy. At her alternative school, her teacher ends up being a mentor that guides her down the right path. The movie shows that toxic relationship Precious has with her mother and the number of challenges she has to overc

Smol Frog Discovered by Virginia Tech Researchers

Virginia Tech Geoscience researchers, Sterling Nesbitt and Michelle Stocker, have identified the fossil of a frog that is no bigger than a pinky nail. This frog, from a long extinct branch, is believed to be the oldest frog in North America. From the Late Triassic period, the frog is believed to have existed roughly 216 million years ago. While it is not a direct ancestor of modern frogs, researchers hope that is will lead to other connections in the origin of Triassic vertebrates. This is also the first time a fossil was uncovered with other early dinosaurs. These findings were published on the online Journal of Biological Letters (link below) on February 27th. https://royalsocietypublishin

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