Sharing Your Work

For me, whenever I write any piece of work, I tend to not share what I have created. One reason for this is because when I write a poem, for instance, I usually only do so when I am in a certain mood. I turn on my “tears” playlist on Spotify and type away. Am I the only one who does this? Sometimes I journal about my day or about something that has been bothering me which is usually quite cathartic. So, any type of creative work I do is usually only seen by me...until now. Here is a poem I wrote a while back. There are layers, so interpret it as you like! Barrell Filled to the top with water Just about to spill over, making a concave shape Slowly, but surely, the water escapes Holes appear a

How to Buy Clothes on a Budget

How to buy clothes on a budget ‘Tis the season for costumes, holiday outfits, and Sigma Apple Pi’s annual date party; that all means one thing- shopping. When you’re balling on a budget it may be difficult to fund all these events! However, there are plenty of ways to get prepared without making your debit card cry! Plato’s Closet Christiansburg Plato’s buys and sells used clothing for at least 70% off the retail price! Most of their stock is hardly worn, and some items still have the tags on them. They also give a student discount on Tuesdays. Stop in to shop, or sell items you’re no longer going to wear and make a little extra cash on your closet Lulu’s Lulu’s is exclusively online and ite

Ring Premiere

A friend asked if I wanted to go to the reveal show of our class ring of 2020. I really didn’t, but I wanted to go to McDonalds and I didn’t want to go on a bus. There was also the prospect of a free T-shirt which unfortunately was left to the end of the show and half a mile away at Squires. Upon entering the building and suffering through awkward military formalities and not so eloquent introductions of people of whom I had no idea existed (I forgot class presidents were a thing), I was really starting to regret the visit. However, as time went on, I started to warm up to the stiltedness of the show. I especially liked Professor Giovanni’s presence. Her intro video was giving me feels. Her

A Hokie's Guide to Upcoming Events

Fall is in full swing here in Blacksburg! This weekend it’s going to feel like fall weather, too. If you’re spending all of your time hiking the mountains around this beautiful town, we understand. However, we have a couple other options for those of us looking for activities where you don’t have to sweat (much). Virginia Tech Men’s Soccer vs. Pittsburg Thompson Field Friday, October 12, 2018 7:00 PM Virginia Tech men’s soccer is preparing to take the field on Friday, October 12, at 7:00 PM. Coming off of two tough losses last week, the Hokies are ready to improve on their national ranking of 15th. The Pittsburgh Panthers are also coming off of a loss to Cleveland State on Monday. It should

Community Spotlight: Meet Jad Youssef

Jad Youssef is a 21-year-old senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in BIT. He's incredibly passionate about personal fitness and health. Jad became interested in fitness and health after reflecting on his own personal lifestyles. He was a football player who perceived himself as being overweight and unhealthy and knew he had to make a change, so he did. He began by changing his diet and making healthier food choices. As a result, he lost a lot of weight and gained muscle in return. This completely changed the way he looked, and he loved the progress he was making. From that point on he decided to maintain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. The results Jad gets while working out is what ke

Will We Survive October?

Is it just me or is October beyond busy?! This weekend we have the Notre Dame game which is going to be the biggest game of the season. The last 8pm game we had was against Clemson last year which was the highlight of my football season. Fall break is in two weeks which I am personally really looking forward to. Going home for a few days is always necessary during the mid term season. Then in three weeks, Jesse McCartney is coming to the Lyric! I snagged some tickets when they first went on sale and am so excited to relive my childhood. Does anyone else only think of Hannah Montana when they think of Jesse? That same week is another home game. Weekday games are always crazy; my class ends at

Keep Calm & Scratch On

Amrita Krishnan, a twenty-year-old college student, has an interesting hobby - SCRATCHBOARD ART! Amrita sparked an interest in this form of art as a youngling, growing-up around two avid scratchboard artists - her father and grandfather. Amrita says that watching her dad paint was what lured her into the magical world of scratch-boarding. Her family regularly travels, and art was always a way for her to encase memories while also adding her own personal flare and style, like her father who loved the landscape. Scratch-boarding is a form of art that has been around since the early 1800’s! It was originally used in British and French newspapers, before photographs were popular in printed med

Blood Drives

Donating blood is daunting. It’s like riding roller coasters. Even if you done it a hundred times, you’re still going to be nervous (or maybe that’s just me). Donation is a generally good thing to do. You get a relatively comprehensive health check, free snacks and memorabilia, and you “save” lives. I also just learned that you apparently burn something like a thousand calories regenerating the blood lost from the donation. So, it even helps take off some weight. For me, though, I did it the first time just to find out my blood type, which was just cause some girl I liked asked and was into blood-type personality pseudoscience. Now I know my blood type (A+) but that girl is no longer a thing

Oh, the Places We Go

I attended a seminar today on Rabies at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Probably never been, there have you? Its around a 10-minute walk from McCommas Gym. (Beware the hill on your way back up). It’s essentially the Veterinary School affiliated with Virginia Tech and is made up of a distinguished class of students well on their way to becoming veterinarians. I got the opportunity to meet several people at the seminar who had attended Virginia Tech as an undergraduate. They went on to graduate school or right into their career but found themselves back here working on research or a project. It got me thinking about how being a Hokie truly follows you everywhere. For exam

We Miss You Mac

It’s been nearly three weeks since the death of Mac Miller and I still cannot believe he is gone. He died at 26 which is extremely young and only slightly older than me. He had such talent and was an inspiration to his fans. His music was so versatile; he could get you pumped up to go out or comfort you when you were down. The saddest part, for me, is watching Ariana Grande have to grieve his loss. People have been so harsh on her when it comes to Mac Miller. They blamed her when Mac got the DUIs in the spring and now they are blaming her for his death. Some say she should have stayed with him longer since she knew he was not okay. And those same people say that her engagement to Pete Davids

A Hokie's Guide to Upcoming Events

A Hokie’s Guide to Upcoming Events Kayla Reeves There’s no football game this week, but never fear, Hokies. There are still plenty of activities going on in the New River Valley. 2018 Apple & Pear Tasting Blacksburg Farmer’s Market Saturday, September 29 10:00AM – 12:00PM The Blacksburg Farmer’s Market invites everyone out to Market Square on Saturday for some local apple and pear tasting. The regular Blacksburg Farmer’s Market will still be occurring from 8:00AM – 2:00PM, so you can still get all of your favorite local goods. The only difference is, at this Farmer’s Market, you can sample fresh fruits while listening to local musicians! Sinkland Farms: 27th Annual Pumpkin Festival Sinkland

Sushi Burritos in Blacksburg

Call me uncultured. Call me a disgrace to East Asian ethnicity. I don’t really care for Kung-Fu Tea. When I first heard about KFT, it was through a friend using the acronym. Upon showing confusion on what it was, he proceeded to revoke my Asian card. Even visiting the place, a couple times, I still really didn’t care for it. This still applies, however; there is something that made my recent (and probably fourth time) visit to any KFT so much more enjoyable. In our local KFT, is another trendy Asian fusion place called Ninja Sushi Teryaki. I wasn’t thirsty, but I was hungry and so I ordered a sushi burrito. I’m not sure if this is an old thing that everyone already knows about. If it is, the

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