A Hokie's Guide To October Events

Guess what, Hokies? It’s officially fall in Blacksburg. The beautiful maroon and orange, which will soon cover the trees all around us, is accompanied by a wide range of fun (and traditional) fall activities in Blacksburg and the surrounding areas. Sinkland Farms: 27th Annual Pumpkin Festival Sinkland Farms 3020 Riner Road Christiansburg, VA 24073 September 28 - October 28, 2018 Friday 4:00 – 8:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM Sinkland Farms is holding their 27th Pumpkin Festival starting NEXT weekend! So prepare yourself for plenty of fall couple’s pictures on Instagram, and head on out to Riner for the cutest darn festival you’ve ever seen. In addition to a million

Bunraku? Puppets? What?

I went and saw a Bunraku performance at Lyric theatre. It was a mandatory visit for my intro to Japanese class, but unlike forced summer readings and annotations, Bunraku was far more enjoyable. Bunraku is one of the many traditional forms of Japanese performance art that arose in the peaceful times of the Edo period (1603-1868). It involves completely black-garb covered puppeteers that control one-to-two feet tall puppets dressed in elaborate and colorful traditional Japanese garb. While they are coordinating their movements and dances, chanters and shamisen (think guitar) players provide music for the performance. The three performances I saw were kotbukishikisanbaso, yaoyaoshichi, and the

Imagine That

If someone offered you a ticket to fly to space in the company of multiple artists, would you? Just yesterday, Elon Musk, the CEO of Space X, a private aerospace company, announced that it would be sending one citizen to the moon. Japanese fashion mogul, Yusaka Maezawa, will be the first private citizen to embark on the greatest road trip in the galaxy. If you thought the drive from Virginia Tech to Florida was bad for spring break, just wait until you hop into a spaceship to the moon. Yusaka made his announcement of space travel with the intention of travelling with great artists of all kind, like Picasso. Image that. Sitting on a ship in a spacesuit, you look to your right and there’s Beyo

Meaningful Street Art In Our Community

I saw this at a bus stop in Fox Ridge and was shocked. I haven't seen any street art or graffiti around Blacksburg in the past three years. And I would definitely not expect to see something so serious written at a bus stop. I’m not sure who wrote this or what the context was; maybe it was a joke. Or maybe they thought others would be able to relate. Not sure. For me, I didn’t think it was a joke but instead someone who really thought the life they are living now is not as pleasurable or meaningful as the one they use to live. Poor mental health is an issue that plagues this country, along with many other countries across the world. The stigma around seeking help for mental health related is

The Plant Enthusiast

Meet Megan Wilkins. Megan was born in San Diego, California, but her father’s job took her and her family to several exciting countries that include Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Guatemala and Kuwait. She is a VT Hokie and is double majoring in Environmental Horticulture and Spanish along with a minor in International Agriculture. As Megan describes it, horticulture is the more exciting side of agriculture. Some fun things associated with horticulture are specialty crops, greenhouse cultivations and ornamental plants! Inspired by a biodiversity class she took in high school, Megan found her passion: plants! For this class Megan was to give a 60 second class presentation about a plant of

The Art of Coping

There is a far overused statement often brought up in times of distress that goes “you are never given more than you can handle.” As poetic as this is, it does little to decrease the emotional burden that overtakes us when difficulties arise. As students, we have very busy lives and it does not take a whole lot to throw off our carefully packed schedules. I have always been one to say that my personal life cannot get in the way of my priorities, but it is becoming clear now that it is my personal life that needs to be a priority. I lost a loved one this past week. It happens to all of us, but grief does not come in a cookie cutter form; neither does any other form of mental distress. This si

Artist Spotlight: Geo Min

The word “photography” has Greek roots that translate to “drawing with light”. It amazes me how vividly you can capture an experience by simply clicking the button of a device, seizing the exact moment an image is created because of light. Geo Min has captured some astonishing images, where landscape is the main focus. He says it’s a good feeling to capture something beautiful and natural that doesn’t require editing. Geo was in the 8th grade when he first picked-up a camera. Boredom led him to taking pictures and he has since developed an artistic eye for photography. Before he knew it, Geo’s boredom developed a hobby and passion- photography. Geo loves hiking, traveling and hanging-out wit

Why not?

You know when you’re pacing back and forth, and you can feel the minutes turning into seconds. You see a sign that says “Please wait for your interview” on the door but you’re pretty sure your mouth can’t move coherent thoughts. We’ve all been in that position where we don’t know what to do next and even if we know what we want to do, we’re too scared. It’s a lot of we. I know. But we are in this together. This goes for all of you who have a secret passion for karaoke singing but you’re too afraid to get on stage or love doing laps in the pool but conscious about trying out for the swim team or just anything really. I 10/10 recommend going for it. Just do it. What you get out of for the two

A Hokie's Guide to Upcoming Events

I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now that the Virginia Tech vs. East Carolina football game, scheduled for Saturday, was cancelled. I know, I know, we’re all panicking. Don’t worry, though—Silhouette has plenty of hurricane-safe activities going on nearby in Blacksburg. VTU: Incredibles 2 Squires Haymarket, Blacksburg, VA Thursday, September 13, 2018 7:00 PM The Virginia Tech Union is holding a FREE showing of Incredibles 2 in Squires on Thursday, September 13. They urge everyone to bring a snack and a few friends to enjoy this adorable sequel to the childhood movie we all know and love. Saturday Morning Brunch Our Daily Bread, Blacksburg, VA Saturday, September 15, 2018 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM H

Twitter Got the Best of Me

Alright guys, confession time. I did something high key questionable last night. I was just scrolling through twitter, procrastinating, when I saw a transformation picture of this woman who looked like she lost about 30 pounds. I was of course intrigued so I read through the thread which had a website imbedded that showed another woman who lost the same amount weight. At the end I found out she used keto pills and apple cider vinegar; she lost 25 pounds in one month! She said that was all she did and it “transformed her life.” I have seen these posts so many times but I guess the combination of my need to procrastinate and lack of sleep sold me on these pills. So I go to the website and it s

Into the mind of a young Chicago artist

This summer I had the opportunity to catch-up with an old high school pal and I’m glad I did. Little did I know how inspired I would be after hearing about her passion as an artist. It’s neat when your creativity is sparked by people who surround you. This pal of mine is Sarah Ruttgers, a 20-year-old Chicagoan! Sarah’s mind is always working and full of creative ideas when she’s painting, drawing, doing pottery, or simply photographing subjects. Sarah has been surrounded by art since a very young age, inspired by her grandmother who sells paintings and collages for a living. It was Sarah’s grandmother who encouraged her to express herself creatively through art. Sarah says that her favorite

A Hokie's Guide to Upcoming Events

Hokies! It’s that time of year again—football, tailgates, and parties. But soon, it will no longer be the best season in Blacksburg and we will all be scrambling for something fun to get into. Silhouette wants to be your guide to worthwhile events taking place in the New River Valley. Virginia Tech Football: VT vs. William and Mary Lane Stadium, Blacksburg Saturday, September 8, 2018 2PM Following an impressive on-the-road win, Virginia Tech returns home this Saturday for the home opener against William and Mary. Prepare yourselves for morning tailgates, Hokies, because this game starts at 2PM. Blacksburg Vintage Market Market Square Park, Blacksburg Saturday, September 9, 2018 10 AM-5PM Fol

Destination Blacksburg

It’s no secret that the Fall semester is far busier than the Spring in terms of student life for one major reason, Hokie Football. From tailgating, to the game itself, to post victory celebrations, every hokie fan is kept busy on game weekends, but that is not to say there is nothing to do in Blacksburg if there is not a game to watch! Compiled below is a list of fun weekend activities right in our own backyard. 1. Farmers Market! Every Saturday morning local artisans set up shop in the pavillion next to Benny's Pizza. There you can find novelty goods, a variety of local food, and so many dogs! There is often a live band as well. 2. Tubing down the New River For less than $15 you can lounge

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