People struggle with a lot of things all the time, every day. Writers, like myself, grapple with writer’s block. Anyone, in any career path, certainly struggles with ups and downs associated to their work and life style. No matter what happens in a person’s life, it’s inherent that there’s going to be some sort of block at points, just like there are going to be periods of idea after idea after idea, of enthusiasm and easy living. To continue with my somewhat inspirational theme I’ve had going on in the past few posts (because who doesn’t want to be all incredible and awe-inspiring), I’m going to address how I personally deal with writer’s block, or, more generally, any problem that may aris

Just Start Writing

Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration to write. Maybe a million ideas are in your head and you can’t narrow down your focus. Or maybe no ideas are in your head and you feel like you’ll never write a coherent, meaningful sentence again. But like so many other things you tend to put off, writing gets easier after you start. You just have to get momentum. Starting is a whole lot easier said than done, however. Although I’m often guilty of not writing until I’ve found the perfect thing to say, I’ve found that it’s better to just write something, anything to spark your creativity. Even if’s not relevant to the prompt or essay topic you’re working with, just start writing. It could be about y

For the Love of Coffee

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee; it’s what keeps us going and one of the best things about Blacksburg is there are a ton of coffee shops on and off campus! We all know of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts but did you know of Mill Mountain? It’s an off-campus coffee shop located in downtown Blacksburg. The atmosphere is so chic and simple it makes for a perfect study spot for those days (everyday) when you can’t find a spot in the library. If you don’t live off-campus, located in Lavery Hall is Dolce Café. They serve Peet’s Coffee and succulent pastries. My personal favorite is the espresso javiva and a blueberry muffin; the perfect study snack and major energy boost! What’s your favorite place

Thoughts on #TakeAKnee and the NFL Protests

NFL teams all across the country made headlines this weekend for a wide-spread protest. Some players and teams chose to sit, kneel, link arms, or simply not appear for the national anthem, making a statement that sent waves throughout the country. But what has also spread are feelings of disgust or disdain with the players’ actions, leading to boycotts by many NFL fans, and a slew of comments from the president. Alongside these feelings come misconceptions about what this protest is truly about. This is not about the military. This is not about Trump. This began before Trump was in office, as Colin Kaepernick, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, first sat out for the national anthem on Augu

Through Feminist Eyes: Carmen Gimenez Smith

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, I attended the first lecture in the "Through Feminist Eyes" series, which is sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Studies program at Virginia Tech. The series will continue until November and will feature three lectures, each held at 7 p.m. in Fralin Auditorium, given by female faculty members. The first speaker was Carmen Gimenez Smith, who recently joined the faculty of the English department’s creative writing MFA program. Gimenez Smith is an accomplished poet who graduated with an MFA in creative writing and has published four collections of poetry and three chapbooks. Gimenez Smith runs the small publishing company Noemi Press, which is now housed at Virginia Tech

Out Of Time

Something I get asked a lot is, Clare, how do you even have the time to write!?? To which I answer, Well, I mean, I write about a million words a day for my major…. In all seriousness though, finding free time for hobbies (writing for me instead of for my professors) can be a tricky problem to solve. Last week in my poetry class, we were discussing the same topic: how do college students, with their bountiful amounts of homework, club commitments, social activities, time to eat food (the most important of all), etc., etc. have time to do anything else? I offered this—maybe a bit skeptical, but helpful to me—advice; to make time. What I mean by this is that the little moments in your day can

Cleanliness is Key

It’s always nice to come home to a tidy little apartment with no shoes to trip over or a wrapper from the gum you had earlier on the living room rug. Especially for those living in a dorm--they aren’t big as it is, so clutter can be chaotic. Keeping your space clean can also give you a “cleaner” mindset, allowing you to be able to focus more on your studies and overall give you a stronger sense of routine. I’ll admit, back home my room was a total mess--like a tornado swept through. However, now that I have my own space, I want to keep it clean (mainly because it’s mine). It’s where I crawl away into my desk corner to be a hermit for hours, and I want that space to be clean. It helps me to f

Creative Organizations at VT Part 2: Dance, Art, Music, and Media

If fashion, comedy, and a capella (as discussed in part 1 of “Creative Organizations at VT”) aren’t your thing, but you still want to be involved in the creative community on campus, many other organizations are available for you to join. Read on to find out about dance, art, and music clubs, as well as media organizations at Virginia Tech. photo courtesy of Chrissy Lau If you like to dance There are about 20 organizations at Virginia Tech dedicated to dance. These dance clubs and teams encompass a variety of styles, so it takes a little exploring to find the best one for you. The following is just a sample of your options. Ballet Project at Virginia Tech (BPVT) If you like performing classi

Looking Up

I was walking to class on Thursday, staring intently at my phone. I don’t think I was looking at anything particularly important, probably just scrolling through my emails. Whatever it was, it could wait. It wasn’t until I heard a honk that I looked up. A truck, driving on the sidewalk, was waiting for me to look where I was going. I dodged it then immediately returned to whatever I was doing. Of course, this sparked a crisis. Am I really that stupid, that I almost walked straight into a truck? How did I miss that? Why am I like this? Then I came to the realization: I haven’t been paying attention at all. I’ve been so wrapped up in where I need to be next, what I’m doing that night, when I’m

The Psychological Effect of Fashion

The society we find ourselves in today is certainly not the most uplifting. There’s anger, war, protest, and despair; especially among college students. In the United States alone, depression is the second leading cause of death among people aged 15-34. College students face many different challenges, pressures, and anxieties that can cause them to feel overwhelmed. However, there are many remedies that can help the uneasiness of living alone or suffering with depression in general. The one remedy that always goes overlooked is dressing better. Many people view clothes as pieces of cloth that we drape over the body for modesty’s sake. This is not true at all; take it from me, if you dress go

Stress Relievers

Stress always becomes a sort of aroma in the air whenever one enters an educational setting. College, however, takes it to a whole other astral plane—not only for the workload, I think, but because the kids are no longer in a familiar area. Of course, the campus of Virginia Tech can come to resemble the tell-tale “home,” over time (helped by our cheeky catchphrase), but especially to new freshman (at least, I know this happened to me), the new environment can cause just as much stress as the new format and assignments of classes. This is where stress relievers become helpful. Of course, these are different for everyone; art, exercise, counting to a hundred in your head, marathoning Netflix s

Creative Organizations at VT Part 1: Fashion, Comedy, and A Capella

Over a thousand organizations are listed on Virginia Tech’s GobblerConnect website, a place where students can find information about all of the clubs on campus to fulfill any of their interests. Whether you want to watch cartoons every Saturday morning or drink chocolate milk every Monday night, there’s a club for you. Because of this variety, you may not know where to start. If you’re interested in joining the burgeoning creative community and don’t know what’s out there, don’t despair. Here are a few of the ways you can get involved based on your interests. If you like fashion Fashion Merchandising and Design Society (FMDS) FMDS is an organization primarily for students who are interested

Kicking Off the School Year at Gobblerfest

With the coming and going of Gobblerfest, we’ve officially kicked off the school year. Each year, this insane club fair signifies the beginning of extra-curriculars and overall just celebrates what Virginia Tech is all about. When we do something, we like to do it big, meaning of course Gobblerfest is not an average club fair. Between food, rides, games, and hundreds of clubs spanning the entire Drillfield, Gobblerfest is one of the many things that helps Virginia Tech feel unique and like home. For new students, Gobblerfest signifies a chance to find a niche, whether it be in Greek Life, a sport, or any of the countless unique organizations represented. For returning students, it signifies

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