In Memory of Mystery Writing

Halloween is in a week, a holiday that, for college students, has become more synonymous with parties and revealing outfits than scares, frights, and the supernatural. Haunted houses still hold their appeal for many of us and the frequency with which horror movies are pumped out speaks for their popularity. We still know the feeling of being afraid of the dark, sitting on edge, and fearing the unknown. This brings me to my favorite class that I’ve taken whilst at Tech: Mystery Writing taught by Scott Sanders. Suspenseful may have been a better word to describe it – in our class comprised of enthusiastic students and an eager teacher – an unwritten escalation occurred that saw each week’s sto

The Woove Launch

An open mic on Wednesday, October 19th launched this semester’s first publication by The Woove. The Woove is the literary and art publication affiliated with the student run radio station, WUVT. Julia Lattimer, editor of The Woove, hosted the event at XYZ Art Gallery in downtown Blacksburg. The newly published edition of the Woove was available for guests. It featured six poems and eight artistic pieces, and many of the contributors were in attendance. Students mingled and walked through the gallery, speaking to the poets and admiring the artwork from the magazine hanging in the gallery. An exquisite corpse (a way of writing in which individuals write one line under the previous person’s lin

Artist's Corner: Libby Howe, Prose Writer

Besides being a blogger for Silhouette, I have the absolute pleasure to serve as a fiction editor. The submission process allowed me to read fantastic work from writers throughout the Virginia Tech community. After making the excruciating decisions on the three stories we wanted to feature in this semester’s edition, my co-editor and I work-shopped with the authors of our chosen stories. Through her deeply ruminative style and carefully constructed images, I was drawn to Libby Howe’s piece and shortly thereafter had the honor of meeting her. Libby is a graduate of Virginia Tech’s undergraduate English department and now continues her studies as Masters of Literature student. Her prose is car

Best Binging T.V. Shows for the Creative Mind

Congratulations, Virginia Tech, we made it through mid-terms! Hopefully it wasn’t a completely atrocious experience, hopefully you vaguely knew the material you were tested on. With that behind us, we can now focus on far more important things: what television show is going to help you survive until finals in the far distant future (i.e. December). I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I often feel guilty for allowing myself to relax by watching Netflix instead of working on a more creative, stimulating endeavor. To remedy this situation, I’ve conducted scientific research (reading reviews and synopsis) to present a modest list of television shows to help fellow artists keep the creative jui

The Heart and Driving Force of Our Creativity

I was once asked what my influences are when I write and I had to stop and think about it. Sure, there’s an inner desire to emulate those things that led you to paint, draw, or write but as far as influences go I was at a loss. And then it hit me. It’s everything. Everything that I choose to envelope myself in, blanket my life with – those things that make me laugh, cry, smile, and yearn for. But it’s more than what I actively consume. It’s not some reincarnation or interpretation of the stories we’ve heard once before but it’s also our experiences. Every ounce of heartache and joy that we can muster, those are the things that we’re enchanted by and try to recreate with our own vision in min

Built With: _________ 5

The Entrepreneur Club at Virginia Tech hosted their 5 th Built With: ______ event on Friday, October 7, 2016. The second floor of the New Classroom Building was taken over by white boards, sticky notes, creative students, and an innovative spirit. There were 129 students who attended the event between 6:00 – 11:30pm. Built With: ______, a once-per- semester event hosted by E-Club, first began in April of 2014. The event is a space for students of any major to come together and combine different skill sets in the effort to create something special. When students first arrive, they write 5 of their unique “skills” on sticky notes and place them in categories on a wall. For instance, my skills

Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight - Lynn Hershman Leeson The Moss Arts Center is, unbelievably, the forgotten treasure of Virginia Tech. Despite being one of, if not the biggest building on campus, too many students never set foot inside of it during their time at Tech. It’s a pity – despite being in a massive university that offers a multitude of opportunities in a number of disciplines to either participate or partake in. One such opportunity will be on October 21st when Lynn Hershman Leeson visits. From artwork (that can be seen above) to filmmaking and even shown in her latest book, Civic Radar, Lynn Hersman Leeson has found success across various forms of media. Lynn’s artwork centers on themes that hav

Virginia Tech: "Encampused" with Art

How far do you walk on campus every week going to-and-from classes, to the bus stop, or back to your dorm, how many times do you trek across The Drillfield for some Chick-Fil-A? I know I’m particularly guilty of that last one. And yet, how much time do you keep your head up? How aware are you of your surroundings? Do you notice your classmates that try to wave at you as you pass by them or are you too into that new T-Swift song? Maybe you’re even the one who’s waving at your hopelessly unaware friends. But do you really take in all that’s around you? When you wait on the steps of Burruss next time, take a look around. Across the road is the Alwood Tree, behind you is a majestic limestone hal

Staff Spotlight: Jess Walker, Poetry Editor

Submissions have officially closed for the Silhouette’s Fall 2017 edition and that means the hopeful artists, poets, and writers are left to sit nervously ringing their hands. To ease the anxiety, we’re putting personality to the staff’s names and, maybe more importantly, talking about their own creative processes. I talked with Jess Walker, one of our poetry editors, about what poetry means to her. She’s a senior Creative Writing and Literature, Pre-Law major with an elegant command of words. I’ve had the privilege of reading the first drafts of her works and watching poems be molded, defined, and polished. I’m continuously astonished by the quiet power in every line. When I heard she was t

Meet Up/Read Out

On Thursday, September 29th, the creative community gathered again for an open mic event called Meet Up/Read Out. This thrice a semester open mic was hosted by Matthew Vollmer, Director of the Creative Writing Department, in the Newman Library Multipurpose Room. This is an opportunity for professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students to listen to one another share poetry and prose, either that they had written or that they had come across and had stirred something in them. Each reader had a maximum of 5 minutes at the mic, and 9 people took advantage of the safe space to share. Lauren Copan, an alumna of the Undergraduate Department of English here at Virginia Tech, read an excer

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